Professional all-in-one
communication tool for
connecting organisations

A thought-through solution that allows you to get in touch with anyone within
the company using one simple tool. It will ease the communication between
colleagues and departments, providing a unified platform
for conversations, file and location sharing.

Connect across all platforms

Send data to external systems using API

Communication hub that connects drivers and office employees. Available on Vyncx driver mobile application on both iOS and Android platforms.

Introducing workspaces

Brand new feature – workspaces that provide a simultaneous,
transparent and easy-to-follow communication between the
driver and specific company departments and teams.

Everything you need in one place

Data exchange and storage

Share photos, documents
and coordinates with your
drivers and access all media
in one place anytime,

Advanced search

Advanced search within
individual conversations,
groups and workspaces that
will help you quickly find
what you're looking for.

Integrations available

Flawless integration with
your Garmin device. It will
enable you to explore and
use all communication tool
features with no limitations.

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