Driver Behaviour

Our Driver Behaviour solution will help in creating an environment for safe and
efficient driving. In the long run, it’ll result in reducing the associated business costs.

Save time and money


Oversee Driver Behaviour Scores

Driver behaviour score helps to see where your drivers could be improving. You can see drivers ranked from A (highest) to G (lowest) either by their overall score or category such as harsh braking, eco speed, etc.

Driver Report

A performance report of any individual driver. Overviewing each category helps with tracking progress and finding areas for improvement.

Access on Phone

Like all our solutions, Driver Behaviour is available on our mobile app. That means you can see your drivers’ scores wherever you are.

Send data to external systems using API

Vyncx offers a variety of integrations with external systems, allowing you to automatically send and receive all the relevant data about your fleet. For instance, you can use the Driving behaviour API to automatically send the drivers’ ratings to your bookkeeping system that will use this data to calculate drivers’ bonuses.

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