Fuel Control

Vyncx offers a professional fuel control solution. Monitoring fuel consumption will
improve fuel economy and save money.

See precise fuel consumption

Follow your fleet fuel consumption and see average fuel consumption for your vehicles over different time intervals. Vyncx system will help you to identify which vehicles have the highest fuel consumption and see their routes. Drivers will also waste less fuel knowing that the fuel consumption is monitored with precise sensors. This can be also used to create incentive based reward system for drivers to reward them for fuel efficient driving.

Easy Carsharing within your fleet.

One of the best ways to decrease costs of a fleet is to decrease its size. Use Carsharing to manage the use of vehicles between your employees, as well as set and keep track of their mileage.

See fuel level changes

Fuel graphs will help you to identify location where drivers stopped for refuelling. They can also be used to find potential fuel theft events and will make sure no one can steal the fuel staying unnoticed, which can potentially save your company lots of money spent on fuel.

Generate insightful fuel reports

Use your data smart. Vyncx system collects valuable data about your vehicles, including data about fuel consumption and fuel stops. Use reports to analyze detailed information about each vehicle and driver distance traveled and fuel consumed. This can be used for different comparisons and decision making to help save and optimise fleet’s fuel economy.

Follow the fuel anywhere

Take Vyncx system with you on the go. Use our mobile applications to see the most important data about your fleet, including fuel consumption graphs, average consumption and fuel stops. When all of this is measured and controlled, it adds up to efficient fuel economy. Available on both – Android and iOS phones.

Fuel sensors you can trust

Vyncx is using high accuracy fuel level sensors that are working flawlessly together with our system. Our professional car mechanics will set-up everything for you in just a fraction of time and ensure that everything works perfect. Professional attitude and more than 12 years of industry experience makes our solution the perfect choice for your business.