GPS Tracking and Live

Stay updated about everything that happens within your fleet using our web
platform or Android and iOS mobile applications. We have a solution for everyone –
managers, drivers and those looking for a basic GPS tracking solution..

Real-Time GPS location

See the exact location of all your vehicles in real-time.

Current Route and Speed

Check your drivers’ route choice and speed to ensure precise driving and being on schedule.

Driver's Data on Display

Being able to see the drivers’ current driving time, distance driven, rest periods and tachograph prediction helps with planning and assigning tasks.

Fuel Monitoring to Improve Planning

Live data on the fleet fuel consumption will help you to compare your vehicle performance and help to plan routes and manage drivers’ tasks more efficiently.

Device Status Monitoring

We provide device status monitoring so you would always be informed in case anything goes wrong and a device loses signal or stops transmitting data.

Live Map That Shows It All

Real-time location, driver behaviour, refuelling map, fuel consumption and more – our live map has it all in one place to make your fleet management processes easier.

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