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Operational Support

Operational support staff ensures that the business runs smoothly, effectively, and professionally. This includes everyone from management to front line workers to back-office billing staff. Many of our clients lead industries that have more intensive transactions and thus require a greater degree of support and analysis than other industries.

Execution of successful operations for a large enterprise with complex transactions require a keen eye for detail and commitment to be efficient. Many critical operational areas require highly capable transaction specialists, analysts, billing, and credit/collections professionals. The transportation, banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications, and health care industries are all operationally complex.


National & Regional Advertising

  • Another prevalent type of advertising directed at the consumer the market is classified as retail/local advertising.
  • This type of advertising is done by major retailers or smaller local merchants to encourage consumers to shop at a specific store or use a local service such as local financial companies, bank, hospitals, fitness club, restaurants showrooms etc.
  • While the national advertisers sell their products at many locations, retail or local advertisers must give the consumer a reason to patronize their establishment.
  • Retail advertising tends to emphasize specific customer benefits such as storehouse, credit policies, services, atmosphere, merchandise collection.

Operating Procedure

Operating Procedures in Business Plan. The operating procedures in a business plan help employees carry out an organization’s daily operations. Essentially, it is a step-by-step instructional guide detailing how workers should complete any complex activities related to the business.

Operational Assistance

Operations assistants work with operations managers and other personnel to help keep businesses running smoothly…. Operations assistants in many industries may also help with office and employee management. They may be assigned tasks such as ordering supplies and preparing sales reports.


Supervision means overseeing something or someone. It also means leading, although supervision and leadership are two different concepts. Leadership is the ability to effectively and responsibly handle employees, business processes and business programs

Management Support

  • Clarify your mission.
  •  Break the mission into specific goals.
  • Sell to customer needs.
  • Create and maintain favorable attention.
  • Sell on purpose.
  •  Take the responsibility but not the credit.

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