Advanced route planning for
transport companies

Designed to reduce logistics costs, optimize the fleet and improve your company
service quality, Vyncx route planning solution will help you to manage your
logistics process more efficiently.

Detailed optimization

An algorithm that plans routes based on the vehicle and cargo size, weight, load capacity, etc.

Reliable navigation

Real-time traffic updates, delivery estimates and other valuable information.

Personalised settings

Calculations that avoid toll roads, unpaved roads, ferries and highways.


Optimizing multiple delivery points and vehicles based on load capacity, priority, costs and delivery terms.

Powered by the Sygic algorithm and professional

HERE maps

Official Sygic Truck Navigation reseller

Send the routes to your drivers instantly

Keep the database of all your clients and orders

Create order and client list in the Vyncx system or import it from your IT systems using API integrations. That way you’ll be able to assign orders and cargos to specific clients within a few seconds time.

API integrations for an effortless workflow

Automate your route planning process by integrating your IT system with Vyncx. Take advantage of the integration options with your company’s systems to ensure an automatic exchange with the new orders, documents and other data