Complete refrigerator
and temperature
monitoring solution

Setting the desired temperature for refrigerators is rather simple, unfortunately,
nothing is fully protected from human errors or system failures. Refrigerator
telematics solution is the perfect tool for trustworthy monitoring, data analysis,
and error and failure identification.

Keep track of important cargo data and monitor errors

Vyncx digital tachograph remote data download solution allows you to download both – driver cards and vehicle unit data. As soon as the driver’s card is inserted in the tachograph,Vyncx system automatically checks whether the card must be downloaded and starts the download if necessary.

Visualize important numbers. Analyze them quickly.

Temperature data is displayed in a form of charts. You can apply convenient filters, zoom in data charts and find information about each specific data point. Remote temperature monitoring system can be extremely powerful in combination with GPS tracking – as of result it will be possible to check not only when the changes in the temperature mode were made, but also where it happened.

Working together with industry leaders

Vyncx telematics solution monitors all important Carrier and Thermo king refrigeration unit temperature data, such as:

Plan and Manage Maintenance With Ease

Receive timely notifications with information about refrigeration units, errors, shutdowns, necessary maintenance tasks, etc. That way you’ll be able to plan maintenance operations and manage your units more effectively.

Don’t wait - notify your driver right away

Noticing any refrigerator failures as soon as possible is vital when transporting temperature-sensitive goods and can save your business from financial loss. Don’t wait hours for drivers to make a stop and notice any refrigeration problems. Set-up alerts that will notify the driver or dispatcher right as the problem appears, thus allowing them to act quickly.

Monitor battery status and minimize unexpected costs

Refrigeration unit battery drainage from longer inactivity can lead to a need to complete battery replacement, causing financial loss for the business. Vyncx Expert device can access data about the battery status and voltage of refrigeration units, and send timely alerts so the business could quickly handle the situation.

Analyze refrigeration unit engine hours and fuel consumption

See the number of hours Carrier and Thermo King refrigeration units have operated in different power modes (diesel, electric) and calculate fuel consumption and business expenses, and protect against fuel thefts.