Digital Tachograph data
analysis solution

Tachogram is a complete solution for managing your digital
tachograph compliance and using digital tachograph data for
other business processes of your company.

Automatic data processing and

Tachogram automatically processes and analyses tachograph
data files. It can be also used to receive messages and
notifications about driver infringements and violations, as well as
different reminders about dowload and calibration dates.

Tachogram is for drivers...

Read your driver card with Tachogram App. It will help you to keep track of your infringements, download periods and remaining driving and rest periods.

...and for companies!

Tachogram is suited for all sizes of companies – from small to enterprise grade companies.

Main Tachogram features

Make sure your employees don’t violate EC regulations and are safe

Mobile application for drivers

Innovative solution for digital tachograph card download that also helps the driver to keep track of remaining driving time and rest periods. The application is available on Google Play.