GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Chaibasa

About Vyncx – GPS Tracking Solution

TrackKing is a GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Provider in India, providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance with our GPS Tracking Devices, it is very easy to locate the Live location of vehicle / field asset / Employees / People.

GPS tracking system and solution allows you to manage your business assets and resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your services and reduces cost. It is the solution which can show you all the required details of your business vehicles with alert and reporting features.

VYNCX Provides Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Chaibasa

GPS Tracking Features

  • Live GPS tracking and driving history- See your vehicles' real time movement on your smart phones using highly sensitive GPS chip and cloud servers.
  • Instant Anti-Theft Alarm- It is a safety mode of your vehicle which can be turned on at night. It notifies you in case of theft via alarm notification
  • Remote engine lock- You can remotely switch off your vehicle's ignition from smartphone in case of any emergency such as theft. This is just an emergency feature. Avoid using this feature on daily basis.
  • Daily statistics- Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle. Compare daily performance on graphs
  • Made in India VYNCX GPS Tracking Device with 3 Year Warranty and with many advanced features in app. Note- SIM Card is included in product, but not activated, customer need to recharge it with Data pack.

Fleet Management System – GPS Fleet Tracking Solution in Chaibasa

GPS Tracking Features

VYNCX provides the Best Fleet Management System in Chaibasa, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand. Our system provides real-time monitoring(live) which can reduce costs, save lives, improve competitive positioning, and increase customer satisfaction.

Businesses can’t always monitor everything that occurs within a fleet. This is when advanced GPS tracking software can make a difference. Our solutions help record fleet activity–see where drivers go, track arrival and departure times, as well measure vehicle and fuel usage based on key metrics. These intuitive tools can improve job management in more ways than one while keeping you updated.


Vehicle GPS systems are furnished with fundamental collectors that are quite recently enough to report the present area utilizing scope and longitude units. Their restricted stockpiling limit may enable some base maps to be preloaded in the device. These maps ordinarily contain major expressways, milestones, and a few purposes of intrigue.


Bike GPS systems have comparable highlight as the Vehicle ones, yet they accompany detail tracking instruments that advantage preparing competitors or bike lovers. Some of these instruments incorporate heart rate screens and calorie trackers. For accommodation, these GPS devices are worn instead of held so their practicing schedules aren't interfered. One case of such systems is the GPS watch.


The In-dash units are more costly; however look more pleasant as they are for all time mounted in the car. The main burden is that the GPS system can't be taken to another vehicle if necessary. Be that as it may, they better incorporate with the highlights of your car bringing about better usefulness.