India’s Best Tracking device for shipment and cartoon

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GPS tracking for moving logistical assets

Wherever you go in the world, secure your cargo. Transferring items from one location to another without effective management may be a nightmare. Our trucking fleet management solution is supported by years of expertise and allows you complete control over both anticipated and unanticipated issues! We give the tools needed to determine optimal routes and save operational expenses.

Other Benifits of GPS Tracker

Improved Drivers

Less Unauthorized Actions

Avoid Fuel Theft

Increased Availability

You may record every second of driving time and monitor your drivers’ conduct with dash cam integration.

Receive notifications for route deviations and unlawful stops, and safeguard high-value goods with engine locks.

Get actionable information on unusual dips in fuel levels. Preventing gasoline theft reduces transportation expenses.

Vehicle service on a regular basis may boost uptime and prevent unexpected failures.

Dashcams/Third Eye

With live streaming, you can improve the overall safety of your drivers and fleets. Install dash cams, rear-view, and side-view cameras in your trucks. Get a complete picture of your fleets and drivers.

Optimization of Routes

It is critical to get items into warehouses or distribution hubs on schedule. This is possible using our route optimization module. It gives you access to the most efficient and practical path, preventing your vehicles from becoming delayed on long detours or in congested roads.


Real Location

There won’t be any lag throughout your monitoring experience thanks to real-time location and address updates with a seconds refresh rate.

Know all the boxes, whether your valuables are safe or not, know all with the help of  “Vyncx” GPS

Understand all of the boxes, whether your goods are secure or not, with the use of our GPS.

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Module for Fuel Management

About 33% of the fleet’s overall operating expenditures go toward fuel. You may reduce these expenses by managing gasoline properly and keeping precise records. Integrate fuel sensors, and establish theft and idle violations. Stop drivers from wasting gasoline, and you’ll see a significant drop in your fuel costs.

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