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Gps Uses

This is the GPS that can track location, speed, and duration of stops. It also has a long battery life and can work in 4G single GPS mode for heavy vehicles like- truck, car, bus, JCB, bulldozers, humans like-kids, women,older person handicapped, animals like-dog, cat, elephant, cow, horse, deer, bear, accessories like-box, laptops, jewellery, camera, TV, bags etc.

आज मेरे पास कार है, बाइक है, बस है,…………. ट्रक है
तुम्हारे पास क्या है ????
मेरे पास उसे सुरछित करने के लिए GPS है

Exact location

A seconds refresh rate and real-time position and address updates provide a seamless tracking experience. Business and government leaders don’t have time to manually follow each activity since there are so many moving parts. They can make real-time maps and monitoring apps using location information. Decision-makers can find chances for development, safety, and efficiency by observing what is happening right now and reviewing what has previously occurred.

Exact Location
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Why Choose us?

Our GPS tracking system provides piece of mind by allowing you to monitor your assets from a distance.

जानना चाहते हो क्या है Vyncx का लक्ष्य, इनका लक्ष्य आपकी सुरक्षा

What are the top 10 advantages of GPS tracking?

  • One click to know the location
  •  Wireless & Spy Voice Monitors
  • Observe unsafe driving behaviour
  • From 2 seconds of updating the GPS
  • Track my old travel route with history
  • Online geofence creation: Area border
  • The anti-theft lock with Theft Recovery
  • Notification of Vehicle Maintenance Reminders
  • No more paperwork with reduced labor costs you can save time and money.

Accident Emergency Alert

For vehicles, real-time accident detection It initiates an emergency call to 3 saved contacts with live location tracking

Alert on your mobile
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Fuel Tracking

Check fuel efficiency, and spendings of rides with Vyncx smart fuel calculations.

  1. Ride fuel consumption
  2. Refile & Drain
  3. Fuel Spending
  4. No Parking Alerts

U-blox/Quectel chips

We provide you no. 1 U-blox chip set, u-blox neo m8n, SARA-R500E, quectel 4g module

Heavy Vehicles tracker

We Provide you GPS for all types of heavy vehicles like JCB, bulldozes, truck, car and all commercial vehicles

We provide you best collar GPS for elephant, deer, bear, cow, horse, dog, cat, bird and all animals.

Laptop/Good tracker

We provide you all type of accessories tracker like laptop tracker, jewellery tracker ,box and bag tracker

Advance Features

Live Location Tracking

Live Voice Monitoring

Crashing Notification

Air Conditioner Check

Engine On/Off

Door Check

Fuel Detect

Fuel refill & Drain

Seat Belt Check

User Friendly application

No Parking

Driver Behaviour

Fuel Consumption Report

Network 2G/4G

Total Trip Details

Our Solution Are for

Logistics & Long haulage

Track your fleet's fuel consumption, make vehicle inspections digital and follow the tachograph data remotely using our software and hardware.

Passenger transport

GPS tracking and driver behaviour are just some of the fleet management tools you can use to boost fleet performance and improve road safety.

Corporate fleets

Use vehicle booking, fleet efficiency and other solutions to ensure effective use of all your company vehicles..

Courier & Delivery

Route planning, real-time GPS tracking and other solutions to save you time, money and make your customers more satisfied.


See where your field workers are, follow the vehicles' fuel levels and contact drivers anytime using our mobile applications and other features.


Seeing your vehicles' location, setting geofences and having detailed reports will become quick and easy with our solutions.

Kids Safety

Track Your Kids With Portable Mini GPS Tracker 10000 to 20000 mAh Battery, 7-30 Days Extra Long Battery Backup

Pet & Animals

Attach With Your Pet collar & Get Notify Via Our Vyncx App. Track all activity with voice monitoring feature.

Vehicle Third Eye

Vyncx Metal Dash Cam Comes With 4G Technology Based. Real Time Stream View With High Quality Picture.


4.3-inch reverse camera monitor

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7-inch Reverse Camera

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Keep them Safe With GPS (11)


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Jerry GPS tracker

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Jerry Plus Handheld GPS tracker

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Locator Best Wired GPS Device

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Motra-Best Pet GPS tracker

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OBD 2 Scanner GPS Tracker – Black

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Portable Wireless 2G GPS Tracker

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