Driver Fatigue Monitoring System,

🎗️Real-Time Driving Warning and Recording
🎗️Distraction Warning and Recording
🎗️Non-Contact Detection
🎗️Connectivity- Mobile DVR, Monitors
🎗️Unique People Recognition Technology
🎗️Accurate Fatigue Warning Detection
🎗️Driver Features Self-Calibration
🎗️Support 5000 Images Storage




The Vyncx Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is a system for detecting driver drowsiness can monitor visual indicators such as yawning frequency, eye-blinking frequency, eye-gaze movement, head movement, and facial expressions using cameras, eye tracking sensors, and other hardware.

Monitor Drive Activity through this system easily this system protects us from a road accident and aware driver from dizziness

  • When the vehicle speed is higher than 30 KM/H, the DMS function is
    automatically turned on.
  • Collision automatically locks the file


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