Best Wireless Rear & Reverse camera For Vehicles.

Wireless WiFi Reverse Camera

Benefits of a Vyncx Wireless reverse camera, Trailer, Hyva, JCB, Pocline Mince Heavy Vehicle Back Rear View Display camera Truck’s Cameras One of the most frequent sources of workplace accidents is vyncx. The cause? The driver’s field of vision is insufficient. The wireless all direction view camera system may be installed to greatly minimize the chance of accidents, as well as to boost production and lower damage-related expenses.

1. A superior vantage point for greater safety:
When a forklift truck is hauling a cargo, the front area is fully hidden, creating many blind spots. Because the cameras provide the driver a good view of the floor in front of the vehicle, adding cameras to forklifts promotes safety. Accidents can be avoided by using cameras to offer a view of potential hazards and blind spots.

2. Go twice as quickly
With a camera system, drivers have a greater field of vision, which helps them be more efficient and productive. A motorist who uses our camera -view can work twice as quickly as a driver who does not.

3. Lessen the number of sick days missed
Drivers may assume a natural viewing position thanks to the ergonomically positioned monitor, which means they spend less time gazing up at an uncomfortable angle. As a result, the neck and shoulder muscles are not put under as much stress, which increases productivity and decreases sick days.

4. To avoid damage, use a camera.
A camera improves drivers’ awareness of their surroundings, reducing the possibility of an accident. Drivers can clearly see both the left- and right-hand forks thanks to Forkview. If the fork is correctly positioned to allow the ends to fit into the pallet apertures, the driver may view this information directly on the display. Therefore, Forkview helps to avoid mishaps as well as harm to the vehicle, the racks, and the cargo.

5. An economical investment
A camera system lowers expenses by preventing accidents and damage. The camera system also pays for itself straight immediately because the investment boosts productivity.
A camera makes the warehouse safer, expedites the movement of products, and improves the working conditions for drivers.


1. A 7-inch analogue wireless monitor operating at 2.4GHz.
2. IP68 is dust and waterproof.
3. Fit for trucks and other vehicles.
4. Extremely low power usage to prevent overheating
5. An IR waterproof rear view camera with an integrated 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter and 18 individual infrared (IR) LEDs let you see clearly even at night or inclement weather.
6. Simple installation – Support for wireless parking; When you support your car, the monitor will instantly start and simultaneously display the footage from the rear view camera.

Intallation guide

1. In order to prevent signal interference, please switch off the FM radio, WiFi, and other electrical devices.
2. To use the wireless camera, please hit the first button on the display or video choose on the remote.
3. The cameras have two channels: 2410 (with reverse guide lines) and 2470. (without guide lines for monitoring). Please toggle each by clicking the second button on the display or the model. choose on a remote
4. Direct the antennas near one another for the strongest signal.
5. Maintain a minimum 2-meter distance between the camera and the display (about 78.7″). otherwise the monitor and camera will interfere with one another
6. The infrared camera offers night vision and becomes red in low light.

TFT Color Monitor

  • Available For VCD/DVD/GPS/Camera
  • High Resolution Picture
  • Wireless
  • Full Color Display
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Power Button, Menu, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Volume Up and Down Button

Metal Body Camera

  • Wireless
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 2MP CMOS Image Sensor
  • Wide Angle 140°
  • Crystal clear Image
  • 5 MP Resolution


Easy Installation

HD video

Motion Detection

5 MP Resolution


Remote Control

USB Port


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