India’s Best Cruise Ship’s Tracker Marine Tracking Device Under Water

India's First GPS For Ships

Make Your Ship, Boat And Samarine Safe With Vyncx

Track anything in the water with a waterproof ship GPS tracker.

Now tracking is also available in water with “vyncx” GPS tacking devices.Best GPS for ship

Don’t worry about your loved once if they want to go boating and be with the water and if they love swimming then you can find and watch them in your mobile with Vyncx.

पानी में जाना है असुरक्षित पर अब और नहीं ,
क्युकी आपके साथ है VYNCX GPS सुरक्षा पानी में भी |

Sink Emergency

For swimmers, boats, and ships, sink detection in real time. It starts a live location-tracking emergency call to 3 previously saved contacts.

Real-time location

With a 5-second refresh rate, real-time location and address updates, there will never be a lag in your tracking experience.

Travel History Backup

Highly sensitive GPS chip which sends ship’s accurate location to our cloud servers and you can watch your ships’s live location plus full day riding history on our user-friendly mobile app.

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