Best GPS Tracker device for handicapped

Help a unique disabled person with us.

The Vyncx GPS tracker helped you find them. We provide you with an SOS button so they can call you quickly if they are in trouble.In order to safeguard the safety, security, and health of senior adults and mentally disabled, Vyncx, founded in Jamshedpur, specialises in producing smart wearable gadgets. The gadgets are also extremely helpful for those with serious medical illnesses including epilepsy, autism, dementia, or other life-threatening conditions.
With the use of the Vyncx App Safe Zone (Geo-Fence) option on the map and a powerful GPS tracker, people can be kept from straying too far from their “safe” zones.
If the gadget leaves the designated safe zones, auto notifications are delivered to family members and caretakers.


How can you use Handicapped 'GPS'??

To know how GPS use for Handicapped, watch YouTube video for complete information about GPS.

विकलांग के लिए GPS का उपयोग कैसे करें, यह जानने के लिए GPS के बारे में पूरी जानकारी के लिए youtube वीडियो देखें।

Visit YouTube channel-[ click here ] Watch YouTube to know more about the amazing device

Live Voice Monitor

Get notifications when your elder come or go from any place you choose on the Google map. Create custom safe-zones in the Vyncx app for any place you want.

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Panic Mode

Your elder's can get your attention with a simple button click. You will get her exact location, no matter how far and navigate to their location on Google maps.

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Handicapp Safety Device

The greatest answer to the issue is a handicap’s safety gadget with GPS monitoring and notifications through an SOS button. You will know where your special person is when they travels thanks to this. Women may also transmit their whereabouts to their family when they are out and about to avoid any mishaps.

Why do we need a safety device for handicap?

This gadget is meant to protect handicap in case they encounter any threat. To interact with other devices and provide alerts to them, the gadget employs wireless sensor networks. The user’s position is shared immediately with the appropriate authorities and stored contacts via GPS and GSM.

Why Choose Our Device

Our GPS device is made up of No.1 U-blox chips, we are using Indian ISRO sattelite, we provide indian based server, means full security of your data. The LORAWAN GPS Tracker is the ideal GPS beacon for geolocation of equipment without requiring an external power source. Made in India, Make in India.

What You Get From Us?

Including – warranty card And Thankyou Card.
4G Sim Card (You Have to recharge, when you active your GPS)
USB Cable
Inbuild 10000mAh Battery 18 days longlasting battery
Magnetic Body
Customer Support
Waterproof GPS Tracker
This waterproof GPS tracker has intelligent designs and is highly powered and not to let down when exposed to dust, wet objects, sprays, liquids, and water gushes.


Live Location Tracking

Panic Button

Live Road Route

Small GPS Tracker

5000 To 20000mAh Battery

Every Moment Details

Voice Monitoring

Late Notification

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