Portable Wireless 2G GPS Tracker


  1. Accident Detection: Real time accident detection for bike/ scooters and initiates an emergency call to 3 contacts with live location tracking.
  2. Theft Detection: Get instant alerts whenever vehicle ignition is ON/OFF or a vehicle is moved or towed with live tracking on a mobile app.
  3. Fall Detection: When the bike/scooter is parked and experiences a fall, it notifies you.
  4. Engine On Alert: Instant notification whenever the ignition is switched ON
  5. Monitor Your Rides: Live track your daily ride in 3D, monitor fuel consumption, speed alert, km driven, etc
  6. Location Sharing: Share the live location of your trip with your loved ones.
  7. Live Statistics: Detailed statistics of a daily ride such as total distance, maximum speed, average speed, top speed of your bike with smart and infographic visual on the app.
  8. Ride Playback: Playback your old ride memories or share them with your friends and family.
  9. PA Insurance: Ajjas device comes with personal accident cover only for bike & scooty (2wheeler) (Rs 5,00,000 cover rider + pillion ) Insurance soft would be sent through email post 15 days of device installation.
  10. Roadside Assistance: Along with Ajjas device get roadside assistance for smooth and worry-free rides.
  11. Compatibility: Ajjas device is compatible with any vehicle bike, car, scooter, truck, which has a battery to connect the device.
  12. Mobile Application: Free mobile application to monitor your daily ride statistics, notification alerts, fuel consumption, play or share old rides.
  13. Easy Installation: Super easy installation without any wire cut and very small device it can be hidden anywhere.


Accident Alert

Accident emergency call to saved contacts


  • Accident detection
  • Auto emergency call to 3 contacts.
  • SMS live location to your contact


Detailed Statistics

Get complete details of your previous rides instantly saved in the VYNCX Android/iOS mobile app.


  • Distance Travelled
  • Total Time Duration
  • Average Speed,
  • Top Speed
  • Maximum Lean Angle
  • Fuel Spending.


Fuel Tracking

Check fuel efficiency, and spendings of rides with VYNCX smart fuel calculations.


  • Ride fuel consumption
  • Fuel logs
  • Fuel Spending

Anti-Theft and Other Smart Alerts

VYNCX Smart Device and save from thefts along with other benefits.


  • Ignition On alert
  • Ignition Off alert
  • Vibration Sensed
  • Over-speed Alert
  • Motion Sensed Alert


Store and Playback Rides

Playback automatically stored rides in 3D. Come back anytime and look at any details be it speed, location, distance travelled, average speed or maximum speed from a particuar ride.

Emergency Alert

A special feature available to get help to rider from a community of other riders travelling or residing in nearby areas.

Press the Emergency button on the dashboard to let nearby VYNCX users know you are stuck in the position and needs help.


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