Wireless OBD GPS Tracker All Tata Vehicles


  • Wireless OBD Tracker With Easy Installation- This device is a wireless device so its make a Hassel free installation process. You have to just pug the device is in car OBD Port.
  • Share Live Location: Share your location of your trip with your family and friend, You can select time for the live location and you will get a link to share the location
  • Unlimited Geo Fence You can create Unlimited Geo Fence, whenever your vehicle will IN/OUT in that certain set zone; you will instantly get the alert. Parking Mode keep your vehicle safe if in case, anybody moves vehicle when parking mode is ON , than you will get a strong buzz in your phone so that you can know, parked vehicle is now moving without your consent.
  • Live GPS Tracking – Real time gps tracker of bike car or any Vehicle, even your vehicle is thousand miles away from you, still you will get real time location on mobile in Map/Satellite view on our APP Acumen Track. Due to highly Sensitive GPS and cloud server Chip its send you each time accurate location of your vehicle.
  • Analytics – With Acumen GPS Device You will get daily states Report such as Run time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Maximum Speed, Like how many Km your vehicle has travelled, How many hours has travelled and how many hours keep stopped which will help you to analysis overall usage of your vehicle. You can also download this data in excel and PDF format for last 60 days from Daily Travel Summary.
  • Package and Subscription – Made in India gps tracker with 1 year replacement warranty with many advance feature mobile app Acumen Track, Note –SIM Card is include in product but Not activated. Customer needs to recharge with Data Pack
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OBD Tracker is a wireless device, you just need to plug in your car and it will start working. No wiring is required so it will not impact your car. It gives you real-time tracking with Great accuracy. The easy installation process directly inserts into the car OBD II interface. Supports Power failure alarm, Vibration alarm, over speed alarm. It also supports historical data with playback and an electric Geo fence. Locate and get the position of your vehicle remotely via SMS or GPRS. You can also move this device from one Car to Another Car. This device is not supported the remote Engine Cut off Feature. One more thing this device is only for Cars. It will not support any other vehicle.

1. Live GPS Tracking: Real-time tracking with pinpoint accuracy and address update with every 5-sec refresh rate so you can always get the real location.

2-History report: All the data will save on our cloud base server so you can look back at your data last 90 days and analyze your data current and last 90 Day

3 – Unlimited Geo-fence: Unlimited Geo fence and receive all notifications and every time you can keep your eye on your goods or on your loved one they will never be far from your sight.

4- Voice Monitoring: This device has an inbuilt Microphone so you can call on the device and easily listen to the voice around the device.

5- Share Live Location: Share the location of your trip with your family and friend, you can select a time for the live location and you will get a link to share the location

6- Compatibility: Compatible with any car which has OBD Port.

7- Easy Installation: This is a wireless device so it’s easy to use and start tracking.




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